Evaluation of the IDF – A Final Report

The Indonesia Development Forum (IDF) is a platform for national dialogue on Indonesia’s development that has been convened by Bappenas, with support from the Knowledge Sector Initiative (KSI), in 2017, 2018 and 2019, and the 2020 that has been delayed until now. IDF is envisaged as a sustainable platform for key stakeholders in the knowledge sector to engage with one another and share knowledge, discuss ideas and identify opportunities for collaboration to strengthen the use of evidence in policy processes in Indonesia. To understand the cumulative achievements, learning and readiness of IDF as a premier self-managed development forum, KSI assigned Migunani Yogyakarta to conduct an evaluation, to support KSI and Bappenas in their continuing efforts to improve the quality and relevance of the Forum, and to enhance its sustainability. The evaluation employed a qualitative approach using key informant interview (KII) and focus group discussion (FGD) methods to collect primary data. To complement the primary data, we used a metaevaluation approach to analyse how the IDF has evolved as an influential forum for knowledge-to-policy processes.

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