KPP Video Toolkit: Video 2 – Types of Knowledge Used in the Policy Process

This is the second of five videos, discusses the different types of knowledge used in the policy process and understanding policy narratives.

This is the second of five videos in the series. The video discusses the different types of knowledge used in the policy process. It talks about understanding policy narratives, which can help you to consider how the knowledge that you produce could influence the stories told about why change is needed.

Further reading:

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An example of how citizen evidence has been used in Indonesian policymaking:

Fatonie, I., Pellini, A., Smidt, H., and Apriliyanti, I. (2016) ‘Using citizen evidence to improve public services: lessons from the UPIK program in Yogyakarta’, Working Paper 11, Knowledge Sector Initiative, June, [online], Available: here

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