Policy Research Institutes' Financial Sustainability

A video on the importance of financial sustainability for Policy Research Institutes.

Policy Research Institutes play an important role in encouraging evidence-based policymaking by providing policy recommendations based on data and knowledge, as well as advocating for policymakers with an independent voice so they are able to make policies with more rational, systematic and inclusive considerations. For policy research institutions to use knowledge effectively to influence policy, they must be able to produce high-quality, policy-relevant research, strategically engage networks and advocate for its analysis throughout the policy cycle. Therefore, financial sustainability of Policy Research Institutes is very important to maintaining their independence and promoting their credibility to stakeholders and funding institutions. The Knowledge Sector Initiative (KSI) provides support in the form of grants and technical assistance to 11 Policy Research Institutes to strengthen the technical quality of their finances, including in financial practices, strategic planning, fund development and innovation to compete in the market and increase revenue.

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