KSIxChange #12

Schedule :

  • June 20, 2019
  • 09:00 - 12:00
  • KSI Office, Ratu Plaza Office Tower 9th Floor, Jakarta
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KSIxChange #12

Join us at our new series of informal sharing sessions on different topics in Indonesia’s knowledge sector.

"The Frailties of Indonesian Knowledge Production"
A critical reflection of civil society and knowledge production during Orde Baru and Reformasi


Fajri Siregar
PhD candidate University of Amsterdam & Faculty member of Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Universitas Indonesia

This KSIxChange aims to provide a critical understanding of how civil society organisations have played an important part in the production of knowledge, especially social science. By carefully examining the processes of various knowledge produced by two institutions, LP3ES and Insist, we can uncover how important knowledge products (e.g. research, publications, trainings, etc.) are rarely created within a financially sustainable environment and in a self-sufficient manner.

From a macro perspective, these institutional challenges reflect wider changes happening within Indonesian civil society that stretches from the early years of Orde Baru until now. As a field, civil society itself has undergone significant changes: Market-driven mechanisms led by the donor community and competing interest between knowledge producers are only two of many factors that shape the current knowledge sector. The (in)ability of civil society organisations to adapt with these changes ultimately determine the outcome of their work, namely novel knowledge.

The presentation concludes by offering important lessons taken from the trajectories of both institutions.

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About KSIxChange

The Knowledge Sector Initiative (KSI) hosts regular discussions led by prominent speakers on topics related to evidence-informed policymaking in Indonesia. Sessions include a short presentation followed by interactive Q&A. KSIxChange is open to all and free to attend. Seats are limited and registrations close the day prior to the event.

KSI is committed to providing an inclusive environment to ensure that people with disabilities can participate fully in KSI events. Please let us know if you have any special assistance needs when you register on Eventbrite, or contact Daniel Dompeipen at ddompeipen@ksi-indonesia.org

See you at KSIxChange!

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