Working Paper -</br>Addressing Barriers to University Research

Working Paper 8

Working Paper -
Addressing Barriers to University Research

The working paper identified the barriers for university in Indonesia to improve the quality and capacity of research. KSI took the initiative to move forward with forming a consultative group consisting of four university-based research center partners, along with individual consultations in a comprehensive attempt to explore understanding on  the topic, and build co-ownership of the partners. The previous desk review and discussions provided some ideas on the barriers to research and helped shed more light on how we could understand the dynamics of research in universities in Indonesia and identify some opportunities to address the issues in research.

The barriers are identified and found across different contexts and at different level (from structural to individual), although differences in character/typology of the centers affect how they manifest. Consensus was achieved around the following issues as being central to reducing or removing the university barriers related to university research: alignment, research funding, human resources for research and research ‘careers’, research remuneration and incentive systems, ‘kum’ credit system, publication scheme and research to policy, and research management. Furthermore, this paper identified some fundamental barriers at three levels: system and structure (including law, regulatory framework etc-mostly in the state domain), modality (including interpretation schemes, facilities, etc.-mostly at the university and center’ scope) and individual levels. This includes capacity building, interaction and networking-mostly at the personal level. 

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