KSI Year in Review 2019

Dear Colleagues,

2019 has been an exciting year in terms of national commitment to Indonesia’s knowledge ecosystem. KSI has engaged in strategic ways through the support and collaboration of so many wonderful partners.

We would like to take this moment to highlight KSI accomplishments and partner contributions within the dynamic and rapidly changing knowledge ecosystem. Theattached KSI Year in Review 2019 highlights the joint results of Indonesia’s knowledge sector actors in three main areas: 1) research governance and funding, 2) collaboration and knowledge management, 3) knowledge production.

We look forward to the opportunities in 2020 to continue building coalitions of reform to strengthen Indonesia’s knowledge ecosystem. We are encouraged by partner initiatives to promote Indonesia’s knowledge ecosystem as an important driver for inclusive, economic growth and trajectory toward a knowledge economy.

I would like to recognize the leadership of Bapak Bambang Prijambodo and Bapak Teguh Sambodo throughout the year, which has guided KSI in consolidating and prioritising initiatives. We would also like to thank the DFAT team for their ongoing support under the leadership of Ibu Kirsten Bishop, Bapak Aedan Whyatt and the KSI Unit (Ria Arief, Endang Dewayanti, Agung Wasono, Siti Fitriyani, and Nur Hasan).

Look forward to working with you in the new year!

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