Learning from the Silk Value Chain Collaborative Study Process

(Only in Bahasa Indonesia)

From July 2020 to January 2021, a group of researchers conducted a study on the value chain of the South Sulawesi silk commodity. This research team ran a part of the knowledge-based policymaking pilot, a collaboration between the Regional Research and Development Planning Agency (Bappelitbangda) of South Sulawesi Province, Bakti Foundation, the Payo-Payo Farmers’ School (SRP), with the support of KSI.

In addition to building a policy formulation process founded on the results of the study, K2P also applied the collaborative principle and involved researchers from Bappelitbangda, Hasanuddin University and Non-Governmental Organisations in the process. This feature tells the lessons that can be learned from the collaborative study of the silk value chain that involved researchers from various scholarly backgrounds, such as economics, forestry, public policy, value chains, community empowerment and gender equality.

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