Evaluation Report of K2P Pilot Program in South Sulawesi

(only in Bahasa Indonesia)

Knowledge Sector Initiative (KSI) supports policymakers in Indonesia in developing more effective development policies through the use of research, data, and analysis. KSI collaborates with research institutions and organisations as well as key government agencies to strengthen the quality and relevancy of research to policy and how to use it in policymaking, and to improve the conducive environment for evidence-based policymaking. Since 2019, KSI has implemented the Knowledge to Policy (K2P) initiative at the subnational level in South Sulawesi Province. The goal has been to find the model with which K2P is implemented at the subnational level. The South Sulawesi Provincial Government, with the facilitation of BaKTI Foundation (Yayasan BaKTI), has developed a policy research agenda by conducting the silk value chain assessment. Evaluation of this K2P initiative was done to examine the perception/knowledge/behaviour change from involved local actors and the prospect for K2P replication and sustainability at the subnational level.

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