Evaluation of the IDF 2018

This report presents the results of a two-phased, formative evaluation of the 2018 Indonesia Development Forum for the Knowledge Sector Initiative - a partnership between the governments of Indonesia and Australia. The Indonesia Development Forum is an annual, two-day forum attended by local and national policymakers, academics, civil society organisations and development partners. The objective is to provide a platform for presenting quality research to inform development policy, and for key stakeholders in the Indonesian knowledge sector to engage with one another. The first IDF was held in 2017, and the second was held in July 2018. A third IDF is scheduled for July 2019. The main purpose of the evaluation was to assess the effectiveness of IDF2018 in achieving its expected outcomes. The evaluation adopted a mixed methods approach – utilising multiple qualitative methods alongside quantitative survey and social network analysis, to determine the effectiveness of IDF2018 in achieving its objectives.

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