Knowledge Sector Initiative Partners: A Journey of Change

The collection of articles in this book tells the story of knowledge-to-policy journeys of the Knowledge Sector Initiative's partners. Each article highlights different aspects of the knowledge-to-policy process, and how each organisation made improvements to their own institution and outreach, as well as making significant contributions to the knowledge and innovation ecosystem in Indonesia more broadly through their research, policy advocacy, and policy dialogue.

The journeys of change within this book, written by 23 KSI partners, show that there have been sustained attempts to build communities and networks to help improve Indonesia’s knowledge
system. Throughout the stories, there is a need for a network which bridges these initiatives, helping them each articulate their key lessons for one another, and progress their conversations about how to do better research regarding evidence production, communication and use in evidence-based policymaking.

KSI hopes that the book serves as a resource for other policy research institutes, think tanks and media organisations in Indonesia, as well as for any knowledge-to-policy investments in the future. As the KSI program comes to a close, we hope that our partners will continue to build relationships and networks and work together through collective action to promote evidence-based policy and strengthen the knowledge and innovation ecosystem in Indonesia.

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