The Disappearance of Weaver Women

(Only in Bahasa Indonesia)

The silk weaving industry of South Sulawesi is concentrated in Wajo Regency. Before the 2000s, the industry employed thousands of people in Wajo, almost all of them women. However, over the last 20 years the number of weavers has decreased drastically. The silk value chain study found only 151 of these women now remain. What happened? Why have women weavers left their craft?

This feature investigates gender inequality in the silk weaving industry of South Sulawesi, which is also the focus of the study on the evidence-based policymaking pilot. The study, carried out by the BaKTI Foundation, Payo-Payo Farmers’ School, Bappelitbangda of South Sulawesi, and supported by KSI, builds new knowledge and recommendations as a basis for policymaking to solve the problem of silk industry stagnation.


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