Knowledge Systems: Evidence to Policy Concepts in Practice

This Policy Brief was originally upload on RTI website

This policy brief reviews the evolution of knowledge-to-policy studies and the emergence of systems perspectives. The writers explore the less well understood issue of how to grow and reinforce knowledge systems in settings where they are weak and underdeveloped. The policy brief offer a knowledge systems model that encapsulates current thinking and present an example of an effort to strengthen a knowledge system, drawn from a project managed by RTI in Indonesia. The document conclude with some recommendations for strengthening knowledge systems including promoting debate among a diversity of voices within the knowledge system, providing sustained stakeholder commitment to the systems approach, investing in the components of the knowledge system as well as the interaction between components, fostering a balance between government mechanisms and space for civil society perspectives, and exploring how knowledge systems can engage the private sector. The policy brief conclude with suggestions for applying the knowledge systems model in new country contexts including use of a political economy analysis as well as gauging readiness of government actors, research institutes, and media to engage. 

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