Policy Brief: Building a Sustainable and Independent Implementation of Research Funding in Indonesia

(only available in Bahasa Indonesia) 

This Policy Brief is the shorten version of the Policy Study produced by AIPI and ALMI. 

The Policy Study is structured for two reasons. First, as an effort of the Indonesian Academy of Sciences (AIPI) to answer the challenge of realizing the implementation of sustainable and independent research funding. Over the years, productivity and quality of research in Indonesia has been hampered by a recurring classic problem: primarily, the issue of funding management.

Secondly, the government's efforts to build a better research ecosystem — especially through Law 11/2019 on the National System of Science (UU Sisnas Iptek), has the potential to be an instrument to answer this challenge. On Article 59, it mandates that an endowment of research be a source of funding for research, development, study and application to produce inventions and innovations.

Through this Policy Study, AIPI and ALMI try to explore at what point the Research Endowment Fund can be part of a research funding strategy in Indonesia now and in the future, what management schemes are the best, what are the right investment choices, how should the endowment institutional, how it functions, what is the source of funding for the endowment, and how should the endowment for this research be channeled.

Knowledge Sector Initiative supports the making of this policy study which shared similar expectations with AIPI - in an effort to create a better Indonesian life through research and science-based policies.

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