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07 May 2019

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02 May 2019

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22 February 2019

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In the lead up to the 2019 Indonesia Development Forum (IDF), the Ministry of National Development Planning/National Development Planning Agency has held Road to IDF events in Batam and Semarang. These events aim to capture ideas and initiatives to address Indonesia’s development challenges, relevant to the theme of IDF 2019, “Mission Possible: Seizing the Opportunities of Future Work to Drive Inclusive Growth”

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Cakra Wikara Indonesia (CWI), a policy research institute focused on politics and gender issues, has shared the results of their survey on inequality in the senior ranks of Indonesia’s civil service, based on data from 34 ministries. The survey found that although the men and women were recruited in equal numbers, their career paths diverged significantly.

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Research management is increasingly complex, and requires specialist skills, beyond those of academics and bureacrats.

What's On

In contrast to various neighbouring countries and various Western democracies, the collection and use of citizen’s data remains largely unregulated in Indonesia. Civil society groups are pushing for a Private Data Protection Law to be passed, but this will not be in place prior to April’s legislative and presidential elections, in which political candidates and parties are expected to use big data to more effectively target their campaigns.

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Good research can help produce public policies that meet community needs. Inclusive policy needs to be based on good practices and research that involves persons with disabilities. This means that persons with disabilities are not simply the objects of research, but are engaged in initiating and formulating policies.

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