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The Knowledge Sector Initiative (KSI) is a joint program between the governments of Indonesia and Australia that seeks to improve the lives of the Indonesian people through better quality public policies that make better use of research, analysis and evidence.

KSI is supporting:

  • Knowledge production, by assisting research institutions to improve the quality and relevance of their research, and to strengthen their core capacities by adopting strategic management models, sound financial planning, and sustainable human resource management.
  • Knowledge demand and use, by supporting policy making organisations to improve the way that evidence needs are formulated and knowledge is used to inform policy decisions.
  • Knowledge intermediation, by supporting better communication of research results in order to inform public debate and policy making processes and to enhance evidence-informed advocacy and reporting.
  • The development of a thriving knowledge sector, by identifying and mitigating systemic barriers that limit interaction between knowledge production, intermediation, demand and use. This includes supporting assessments of Indonesia’s knowledge needs, advocating for the introduction or review of policies to promote knowledge-to-policy transfer, and fostering private sector participation in research.

To achieve lasting results, the program is not building a new network within Indonesia’s knowledge community but rather strengthening existing hubs of research institutions, governments, and civil society organisations. The program will promote the development and sustainability of these hubs to ensure that Indonesia has a model for developing effective and socially accountable public policies that meet national development priorities for the long term.

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