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09 October 2018

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27 September 2018

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19 September 2018

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27 August 2018

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Seeing that the improvement of public policy is vital for the development of effective public service programs, Knowledge Sector Initiative (KSI) and BaKTI foundation held a seminar and workshop on the quality of policy index (IKK) in Makassar, South Sulawesi, from Aug. 7 to 8.

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Peraturan Presiden No 16 Tahun 2018 tentang Pengadaan Barang dan Jasa membawa angin segar bagi organisasi kemasyarakatan yang fokus pada peningkatan kualitas layanan untuk masyarakat. Peraturan ini tak hanya memberikan akses pendanaan untuk ormas tetapi juga mendorong perbaikan organisasi agar lebih terstruktur dan akuntable.

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The number of people living with dementia in Bali is among the highest in Indonesia and is expected to increase rapidly in the next few years if no significant prevention measures are taken, experts have said.

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This article is written by Knowledge Sector Initiative (KSI) Knowledge Exchange and Learning Lead, Elisabeth Jackson, for The Conversation

What's On

A regular forum aimed at encouraging the development of the knowledge sector ecosystem in Indonesia through partnerships between the private sector (companies and philanthropy) and research institutions, namely Research & Business Forum was held again in Jakarta, 29 August 2018. The 4th Edition of the Research & Business Forum held by Corporate-Community Partnership for Health Indonesia (CCPHI) in collaboration with the Knowledge Sector Initiative (KSI) takes the theme of "The Role of Research Institutions and The Industry in Encouraging Evidence-Based Policies".

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